Alzheimer’s Care

caregiver holding elderlyAfter an Alzheimer’s or dementia disease diagnosis, you believe the best care for your loved one is at home in familiar surroundings with less disruption in routines resulting in reduced confusion. Like the majority of devoted family caregivers, you take on the role of providing Alzheimer’s care. As a primary caregiver for someone with the disease, the effort begins to take a toll on your own physical and emotional health, family life and career. Families with the best intentions simply “burn out.”

Neglecting other responsibilities, lacking confidence in caregiving skills, and resenting demands placed on your time, are a few predominant feelings experienced.

As the day-to-day demands increase, you seek respite care, but no one seems to understand the specialized needs of your loved one. Looking for providers with dementia care experience is often challenging and frustrating.

GrayHawk Home Care recognizes the importance of understanding and supporting those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia illnesses, and we are expertly trained in how to treat Alzheimer’s in seniors.

Alzheimer’s care is often as important as healthcare, particularly when it enables a person with Alzheimer’s disease to remain at home. We work with you to establish safe and more comfortable environments, trusting relationships and techniques to maximize independence for as long as possible for those with Alzheimer’s disease. Our compassionate dementia caregivers combined with our specialized approach of encouragement and assistance helps family members cope with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.

Learn more about Alzheimer’s Care provided by GrayHawk Home Care. You can call us at 888-444-4690 for more information or send a request online for an in-home care needs evaluation.